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Clueful Consulting's NewsML Pages
NewsML Perl module
Clueful Consulting has developed a freely available Perl module to support NewsML documents.

NewsML is an emerging standard for multimedia news syndication and management. It handles detailed metadata, packaging of related news items, alternative formats and languages, and more.

You can learn more about NewsML at the International Press Telecommunications Council NewsML site.

The Perl module is in its early stages, but will be improved over the coming weeks. The latest version can be downloaded from here: News-NewsML-0.03.tar.gz

The README.html will give you some information on how to install and use the module after you download it.

The module is released under the Perl Artistic License. You may use it at no charge, although I would ask that you consider Clueful Consulting the next time you need some expert advice or custom development regarding web publishing and content management ;-)

The module will appear on CPAN, the Perl module archive, soon.

Other NewsML Resources
See the Syndication: NewsML section in my Content Management Directory for more NewsML resources.
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